Chopinz Vaccum Fried Beetroot Chips

Beet Root Chips Pouch


Beetroots are packed with essential nutrients like folate (Vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, vitamin c, and iron. These nutrients provide amazing health benefits like improved blood flow, lowered blood pressure, and increased exercise performance. Enjoy the benefits of BeetRoots with taste in Healthy Snacking with  Chopinz.

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Crunchy and very tasty Beetroot Chips are made by us, which have become the first choice of the customers all across the domestic market. Made under the stern supervision of experts, our range rich in taste and contains 0% of harmful preservatives. We keep on upgrading our methodologies, in order to cope up with the ever-changing market environment and to meet the dynamic customer’s demands in best possible manner.

Additional information

Weight 40 g




Nutritional Information

Per 100g

Energy (Kcal) 411
Protein (g) 15.19
Carbohydrates (g) 68.83
Fats (g) 8.33

Why Vaccum Frying?

Chopinz Chips are fried in vacuum-induced environments.

This helps in preventing oxidation of the product and helps retain its natural taste and freshness. Moreover, vacuum frying is carried out in reduced temperatures. This ensures that all the original vitamins minerals, micro-nutrients, aroma, and color are kept intact. This combination gives you a healthy as well as a tasty snack for a guilt-free snacking experience. Chop on and munch on!


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