Chopinz Vaccum Fried Chips Combo

Pouch Hamper Combo


Pouch Hamper Combo contains the following vacuum fried chips variety:
Sweet Potato Chips (40g)
Okra Chips (40g)
Beetroot Chips (40g)
Jackfruit Chips (40g)
Mango Chips (40g)

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These vacuum fried chips add the delicious to your life without any excess oil or fat!

  • 100% Real Vegetables
  • 40 grams of chips in these packs use 400 grams of vegetables
  • Vacuum fried, Not deep fried
  • All Natural, No artificial flavors
  • Nutritious not-so-interesting veggies turned into super

Additional information

Weight 200 g

BeetRoot, Jackfruit, Mango, Okra, Sweet Potato


Combo, Pouch

Why Vaccum Frying?

Chopinz Chips are fried in vacuum-induced environments.

This helps in preventing oxidation of the product and helps retain its natural taste and freshness. Moreover, vacuum frying is carried out in reduced temperatures. This ensures that all the original vitamins minerals, micro-nutrients, aroma, and color are kept intact. This combination gives you a healthy as well as a tasty snack for a guilt-free snacking experience. Chop on and munch on!


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