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Leading Manufacturer of Vaccum Fried Fruit and Vegetable Chips

Our food items are prepared under an extremely hygienic environment using only the best permissible frying agents. We uses the most user friendly procedure and materials.

We, M/S Future Tech Foods (I) Pvt Ltd are the largest manufacturer of Vacuum Fried Chips in India and have been in this industry for the past five years, growing bigger and better with each year. Our clients and customers trust us for our hard work & consistently maintaining the best product quality and taste.

Being largest manufacturer of Vacuum Fried Chips in India, Our expertise is in manufacturing and supplying vacuum fried chips of fruits & vegetables and are 100% natural.

Vacuum frying is a process where fruits and vegetables are fried under vacuum conditions and at a relatively low temperature of about 80 to 90 degrees centigrade.

Due to this process, the vitamins & micronutrients are well preserved, reducing oil content drastically and increasing the health benefits. In addition, it also keeps its natural color, taste, and aroma.

The products that are manufactured by us include Beetroot, Jackfruit, Garlic, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Chickpeas, and Mango chips. Our products are 100% natural with NO added color, No added preservatives, No added sugar, and Non-GMO.

This is a new concept in India and is highly appreciated by the younger generation which is health-conscious and people of all ages.

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Ajit Soman Ajit Soman
Ajit Soman


Mr Ajit Soman is the driving force behind our steadfast growth in today’s market. Under his guidance, we have forged credible and long-term relationships with our clients through our client-centric business dealings and transactions.

Aniket Soman Aniket Soman
Aniket Soman


Mr. Aniket Soman is young, dynamic and passionate for marketing and all various operations. He contributes experience of engaging all stakeholders in the benefits of reuse and recycling. He also vows to maintain a strong commitment to collaboration and knowledge transfer.